VAULTY to list VLTY token on BUSTA DEX with custom swap fees

September 25th, 2021


We’re excited to announce that Vaulty will list $VLTY on BUSTA DEX this coming week

By listing their token on BUSTA DEX, Vaulty can choose their own custom swap fees and fee distribution through BUSTA DEX’s customizable smart contracts for each listed token. Not only have they chosen their own custom swap fee, but they have the ability to adjust it as they choose in the future depending on liquidity, market conditions, and community sentiment

Vaulty is a decentralized platform on Binance Smart Chain designed to bring automatic asset allocation across DeFi instruments. Every vault has its own smart contract with predetermined logic. Vaults allow you to passively earn yields or NFTs, with zero stress. Vaulty is changing the game when it comes to DeFi and NFTs

Here is a link to Vaulty’s website;


It made perfect sense that when BUSTA DEX came along with their customizable swap fees and fee distribution that Vaulty would be one of the first partners to take advantage of the innovation

Here is what they’ve chosen for their initial swap fee and distribution;

So instead of burning another DEX’s native token with the swap fees, they’re burning their own, and creating additional rewards for their own platform..

The BUSTA DAO gets a small percentage of the fees too, but the majority goes to benefitting the Vaulty project and community

Vaulty is the 4th partner token to list on BUSTA DEX and there are more coming! I mean, why list on other DEXs that burn THEIR token from YOUR swap fees when you could burn YOUR own and so much more!?

We want to say a big thanks to the team at Vaulty for being one of the first projects to list with us :)


Here’s a brief summary of what’s achievable when listing a token with a customized smart contract on BUSTA DEX:


$BUST chart for BUSTA DEX here;



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