The Inaugural BUSTA Nation State of Address

6th September, 2021


Helloooooooo all BUSTers and Banaliens; Citizens of Peelion 4 and it’s colonies; space explorers; intergalactic traders; bounty hunters; degenerate apes and rocket-riders!

Welcome to the first ever, but soon to be weekly, BUSTA Nation State of Address!!

This is where we open up the bound-bananas and give an overview of recent events and how the BUSTA ecosystem has been performing since launch

As our platform is still new, we don’t have all the data that we’ll have in future reports but we’ve grabbed the simple stuff for now to at least give everyone a taste of what BUSTA is capable of

Also just remember that the game was only launched about 2 weeks ago and the DEX 3 days ago, so we’re still ramping things up :)


Ok here we go…

BUSTA CRASH — Launched August 18th

Day 1 Bankroll: 10 BNB

Day 9 Brankoll: 240 BNB

Day 18 Bankroll: 822 BNB

Day 1 House Edge revenue: 0 BNB

Day 9 House Edge revenue: 10 BNB

Day 18 House Edge revenue: 37 BNB

Highest number of players at one time: 8

Highest win : 8 BNB

The game is still relatively unknown to the masses but in it’s 18 days since launch we’ve had about an even amount of overall winners and losers which is how it should be, and the game has generated 37 BNB (about USD $18.5K). The majority has come in in the last 10 days so it works out to about $1,850/day with the current player base

Those funds will be sent through to the fee distribution contract which will split them up among 25% for buying and burning BUST/APE/MFRM, 25% for buying and adding BUST-BNB LP, 25% for adding BNB and BUST to the staking rewards and paying affiliates, and sending the remaining 25% to the BUSTA DAO Treasury for topping up the bankroll and paying for further development etc.

BUSTA DEX — Launched August 31st

Day 5 TVL: USD$3.3M

Day 5 Revenue Generated to date (from swap fees on BUST): USD$45,518

With the hiccups at launch and a lot of the trading happening on PancakeSwap, these fees generated over 5 days are still looking healthy and they will only grow as the platform gains more traction and trading on BUSTA DEX becomes more profitable with the vast majority of liquidity available on our DEX as opposed to elsewhere

These fees will be processed through the fee distribution contract as mentioned above

In summary;

This revenue generated is about on-par with our original projections even with the bugs/issues we’ve faced early on. As the platform becomes more popular and we begin listing partner tokens and rolling out our new features we expect all these numbers to go up, meaning more price appreciation for BUST, more liquidity, more staking rewards, a bigger bankroll and more funds for further development








And thus concludes our inaugural BUSTA Nation State of Address!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the report and are as pumped as we are for what’s coming!

See you all soon around the BUSTA-verse :)


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