7th, November 2021


Well it says it all in the heading frens…

Having been provided an interstellar turn key space program by the Banaliens, Apes tend to take a carefree approach to launches

Their degen nature makes them push things to the limit without much care for failure or worry… the following picture highlights this point

Hours before test launching new models of banana rockets, its not uncommon to find Astroapes slamming back a few Dirty Bananas and playing some Banana Spin at Primate One’s popular “Monkey Firm Tavern”

Luckily Banalien scientists are on site to ensure there is at least some testing conducted before liftoff

The BUSTA team takes a similar approach to Banaliens…

November is packed with heaps of new products & features for the BUSTA ecosystem!

As promised we are continuing to deliver on the BUSTA roadmap. However, we do expect there to be minor unforeseen issues with everything new we are launching (despite extensive QA testing)

This is why our second highly anticipated game BUSTA DICE will initially be deployed on test net (playable with fake BNB to begin with, then real BNB later in November on main net)

The expected delivery of beta test net DICE is this coming week, as well as the beta GameFi platform, which will host our games

In addition to the customizable BUSTA DEX widget (which has now been built / pushed live here), the DEX will also have its long awaited statistics section pushed live!

Annnnndddd BEP20 token support THIS MONTH! That’s right… you will be able to play BUSTA CRASH with your BUST tokens very Soon™ 👽

We have listed the key intended roadmap milestone targets for November 2021 below


November is super packed with product rollout, which include;

  • Beta GameFi platform on test net (scheduled for this coming week)
  • Beta BUSTA DICE on test net (scheduled for this coming week / fake BNB)
  • Statics section for BUSTA DEX (early November)
  • Beta BUSTA DICE on main net (mid November / real BNB)
  • Beta version of GameFi platform on main net (mid November)
  • BEP20 token support for BUSTA CRASH (mid to late November / playable with BUST token)
  • BEP20 token support for BUSTA CRASH (mid to late November / playable with BEP20 partner tokens)

Much more to come…

Strap into the banana rocket ready for launch Astroapes! 👽


Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;


Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;



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