August 10th, 2021 — with bonus DEV notes!



We think change is as good as a holiday to the moon, and no doubt the community has seen some changes recently…

That’s right, we have rebranded to BUSTA so we have new updated social links which can be found at the end of this Medium blog

Our previous name was a little restrictive in regards to potential future multichain initiatives (and a little too long to pronounce), so we thought it would be easiest to abbreviate the project name to BUSTA. So far the feedback has been very positive!

The Banaliens & Howard the Coin Appraiser also approve 👽

A Banalien hanging out with Howard the Coin Appraiser



Due to the rebrand (now fully completed) and additional unforeseen delays such as BUSTA CRASH playable BNB readiness, the BUSTA team & IDO partners have decided to push the IDO back by 1x week

The revised IDO date for BUSTA will now be the 24th of August, 2021

We have strived to ensure the public have every opportunity to be able to play a real BNB capable version of BUSTA CRASH well before IDO

BUSTA had this revised date on standby incase the developers, auditors & design teams needed that little bit extra time for deployment of the BNB capable Beta version of the game

Launch of this version of the game is imminent and we’ll follow up asap with the date and time! Thanks for the patience 👽



So far the BUSTA team have completed a total of 8x AMAs with various Telegram groups over the the last few weeks

We will continue to conduct AMAs on the lead up to IDO and there will be no lack of further BUSTA project announcements!

Here’s what coming up this week;

PolyMania / BUSTA AMA: 10pm Monday 9th August, 2021 (UTC)

SatoshiStreetBets / BUSTA AMA: 1am Wednesday 11th August, 2021 (UTC)

Samurai / BUSTA AMA: will be this week / time & date tbc

We are giving away many prizes during the AMAs, so be sure to join us to be in with a chance to win some cool prizes!

As an example, for the upcoming Samurai / BUSTA AMA we will be giving away 10x prize packs each including $50.00 USD of BUST & 1x Limited Edition Samurai / BUSTA IDO NFT!!

Here are examples of the NFTs minted through …

Limited Edition Samurai / BUSTA IDO NFTs (10x total up for grabs!)



That’s right everyone! Even though the BNB playable version of the game is yet to launch, the affiliate program is now up and running ready for you to start building your perpetual commission revenue streams

The following Gitbook link will give a comprehensive overview of how the BUSTA affiliate program works;

And to get started head here;



Very soon we expect to begin announcing our first token partners joining the BUSTA DEX platform (hopefully even prior to IDO…)

The BUSTA DEX ecosystem provides unique customizable utility for other token projects to benefit from (perpetual token burn etc)

Here is a link to the BUSTA Partner Portal overview for some more in-depth context;



Sprint #8

Goal: We’ve got our sights set on getting to mainnet now! We’ll be making some important fixes and improvements to the game’s accounting and security components, as well as providing more feedback to players when their bets are limited due to max profit / max total profit. Performance testing is also underway, so that we can ensure that the game keeps running smoothly when all of your friends are playing 😺

This was our first 1-week sprint (previous sprints were 2 weeks);

  • The game now keeps track of its total bankroll, plus max profit and max total profit now update accordingly after each game round

Some nice quality-of-life improvements for our players:

  • You know those ½, X2, and MAX buttons that have been sitting there in plain sight practically from day one? They work now 😺
  • The game now checks to make sure your MetaMask is connected to the correct network before authenticating
  • Max profit is now visible in the game UI
  • Security, performance, and stability fixes for the backend. You know, the boring stuff that nobody cares about but is secretly what keeps civilisation running

Sprint #9

We made good progress last sprint towards getting to mainnet, and that’s still our focus for Sprint #9. Performance testing turned up a few opportunities to optimise how the game operates at load, and we have a few more security + stability improvements that we’d like to make, as well as to provide players with more visibility around how max profit and max total profit are applied

Stay tuned — many more updates coming on lead-up to IDO!!!



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