Quick Farming Update for TGE!!

Time is short and there’s no time for fluff so we’re just doing the facts…

300 BUST emitted per block / 8,640,000 BUST emitted on day one

At the listing price of $0.0125, that’s $108,000 worth of BUST emitted on day one

The emission rate will remain constant for a few days, then we’ll begin a daily emission reduction of 3/block. Meaning on the day of the first reduction, the new emission rate will be 297/block, then 294/block and so on

The daily emission reduction will continue for 90 days until we get to the emission floor of 30/block which we will stay at unless it’s decided otherwise

The 3 pools available on launch and their pool weight are:

  • BUST-BNB LP x51
  • BUST-BUSD LP x40
  • BUST single stake x8

The remaining x1 goes to the BUSTA DAO

Things to note:

The BUST per block above are merely the base rewards, we have multiple mechanisms of adding additional staking rewards:

  • 20% of the raised funds from the IDO will be added as BNB rewards for the 3 staking pools
  • 1% of the 4% swap fees on BUST will accumulate in a pool that will get added to the staking rewards pool for the next week. More trading volume means more staking rewards
  • 25% of the house edge revenue generated from the BUSTA CRASH game will also accumulate in a pool to later be added to the staking rewards pool

Meaning, even though the rewards are going to be big on day 1, they will get even bigger as the trading and play volume increases

So, get your BUSD and BNB ready for creating some staking LPs, then hold onto your butts and let’s light this candle!!

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