13th November, 2021

with bonus dev notes!



It’s time to bop to some sweet tunes onboard the banana rocket!

We have selected five unique tracks which hopefully delivers an even more rich experience whilst playing BUSTA CRASH. The tracks play in sequential order and the team have included an audio on/off button in the top right hand corner of the gameplay screen

You may have also noticed the troll box has been moved to the right hand side of the game. We felt this would be a better position, emulating other mainstream platforms which have chat boxes, such as Twitch and YouTube

From the beginning of time Apes have always loved dancing to music…

The team have also deployed a fix to stop players being logged out of the game whilst using auto play! So you can now set the repeat amount and multiplier you want to wager, then watch the game take care of itself 👽



Our friends over at Vaulty recently loaded liquidity to BUSTA DEX !

We are planning on holding an AMA (ask me anything) for both communities for sometime next week. It will be a great opportunity for team members of both projects to discuss Q4 roadmaps. There may be some goodies to give away too 👽

Here is a glimpse of Vaulty’s roadmap in advance;

Vaulty Roadmap for Q4-Q1

Vaulty Website | Vaulty Telegram | Vaulty Twitter | Vaulty Medium



Save the date!

CryptoGirlfriend bringing together a group of innovative projects for fun discussion

Topics covered will include project roadmaps, NFTs & the metaverse… And there will most likely be some sweet giveaways!

Cryptogirlfriend’s BSC NFT Panel 2021

When: 8pm, Thursday 18th November (UTC)

Where: CryptoGirlfriend’s YouTube Channel

More Info: CryptoGirlfriend’s Twitter & Telegram



Earlier this week the team conducted a soft launch of the much anticipated BUSTA DEX info site beta;


All data showing is currently live!

Over the next month further features and enhancements will be added to the site. Watch these stats… and space



We are fast approaching deployment of the test net version of BUSTA DICE. This version of the game will initially be open to members of our QA Telegram channel to help test and give feedback for bugs

Initially the test net version of the game will only be payable with fake BNB tokens. The Beta version playable with real BNB is scheduled for the end of November

Below are the latest wireframe designs for both BUSTA DICE and the GameFi platform;

GameFi platform wireframe example
BUSTA DICE wireframe example

Get ready to roll!!!



Development for enabling player’s to use BUST tokens with our games is progressing as planned

Delivery for playable BUST option is expected for the end of November and additional tokens shortly after 👽

Speaking of development, it’s time for the latest dev notes for BUSTA CRASH…



Sprint #16

BEP-20 support sure is turning out to be a real monkey on our back. However, the end is in sight (figuratively speaking) now that the feature is in testing. Part of our team is also dedicated to addressing any issues that crop up during testing, so that we can get this out the door as quickly as possible, or I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (ape puns are hard 😅)

For the rest of the team, we’re turning our attention to all of the invisible systems that keep the game running smoothly, to work on stability and performance enhancements. Not nearly as dramatic as BEP-20 support, admittedly, but the devs are excited about it, so I’m taking that as a good sign

  • BEP-20 QA is coming along nicely. Most of the test scenarios have passed; we just need to regroup on a few edge cases and teach the game how to handle them. Almost there!!
  • The game no longer logs players out if their MetaMask or TrustWallet disconnects. Once you’re in, you’re in. Until you want out, anyway 😁
  • Speaking of which, we increased the max session length from 6 hours to 24 hours. Our most dedicated players now only need to reconnect once a day instead of 4 times a day
  • There’s a new speaker icon in the top right corner of the game animation now. You should try clicking on it. Spoiler: make sure you’ve got your sound turned on 😸
  • The house edge balance now shows the cumulative total from the last 30 days (for reals this time 😅)
  • We love whitespace, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. We’ve fixed a number of issues where there’s an atrocious amount of whitespace at the bottom of the game interface, as well as a few errant scrollbars that liked to pop up in various inconvenient places from time to time
  • Added a snazzy animated splash screen while the game is loading 🖼 Fortunately, the splash screen loads a lot faster than the game does; computers are hard sometimes 🤷
  • As promised, lots and lots and LOTS of internal improvements, security enhancements, and other stuff that… well, really, if we’ve done our jobs right, you’ll never even notice them 😁

Sprint #17

This is it: The sprint where we deliver BEP-20 support. We’re gonna start with $BUST, and we’ll progressively roll out more tokens over time. A huge amount of hard work has gone into getting us to this point, and we’re really excited to get this into your hands!

But, just because we’re reaching the end of one journey doesn’t mean we’re not ready to start a new one! As soon as BEP-20 is wrapped, we’re gonna start laying the groundwork for multi-chain support 😉


Well there you have it… Heaps going on!

Until the next update have a great weekend everyone 👽


Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;


Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;



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