16th March 2022


Let the good times roll indeed! BUSTA DICE has launched, along with the BUSTA GameFi Platform which will now host our games😊

The game is now live, playable with $BUST and $BNB via the following link;


There are of course plans to add further BEP-20 partner tokens in the near future. This will happen after generic BEP-20 partner support feature has been deployed for BUSTA CRASH and stress tested

Generic BEP-20 partner token support is expected to be ready for deployment some time next week

Our first BEP-20 partner token to be added to CRASH will be $APE !!! This will be followed by another 3x partner tokens already keen to join the game

The BUSTA team have also been working on a new roadmap for the project, as the previous roadmap is by in large outdated

We are going to embark on a number of new initiatives which are designed to bring increasing utility to both valued $BUST hodlers and the wider BUSTA ecosystem

All upcoming news will continue to be shared via the Medium platform, so stay tuned for our frequent blog publications

Staying the course for autonomous perpetual utility…


BUSTA DEX data for all listed pairs on BUSTA DEX here
Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here
Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here


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The next generation iGaming + DeFi platform on BSC with a multi-token crash game and built-in DEX

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The next generation iGaming + DeFi platform on BSC with a multi-token crash game and built-in DEX

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