August 23rd, 2021


IDO Supply Reduced

BUSTA was always designed to be a community owned and operated DAO and those that have been with us from the start have seen how we’ve reacted to community opinion and proposals/suggestions

When enough people told us that we were overpriced, we listened and halved our sale price

When they told us that our day 1 PMC (projected market cap) was too high as we were releasing too many tokens on TGE, we cut that down by about 90%

Recently we’ve been told from multiple communities that our IDO raise is too much, so we’re taking some drastic last minute measures and cutting that right down from $3.75M total, to $500K per IDO partner

Like with all our other changes, these have been made with the intention of satisfying the largest number of people possible in our community, we hope you like them :)

BUSTA CRASH running smoothly (mostly)

We launched the real BNB playable version of BUSTA CRASH late last week and it’s been running for about 5 days now with only minor issues so far

We’ve had a few issues with deposits getting stuck on their way through to the game but this appears to be resolved as of today. There are some lag issues and browser de-syncs which the dev team is working on as I type. And our fantastic QA Commandos have brought up a number of UI issues and suggested improvements — we’re listening and the devs are on the case :)

We started with a Bankroll of 15 BNB and through the power of the game mechanics we grew that to 27 BNB over a few days from player losses to the game and the 2% House Edge. We have since added a further 208 BNB from our treasury and the Bankroll has grown further from player losses to a total of 243 BNB which equates to USD$116K — whoa BNB is doing well in the market today!

And based on those figures we’ve drawn a few conclusions:

From this data we’ve decided to created and publish a how to play guide;

And more importantly for most, we’ve also decided to reduce the House Edge from 2% to 1%. So the chance of losing to the house has halved, we should be seeing more winner

Other than those changes, here’s a quick summary of the new features we’re working on for BUSTA CRASH:

There’s more of course but those are the main ones that are at the top of the list right now.

We’re keeping this article short just to get those quick updates out there but we’ve got some more on the way so stay tuned!


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