15th, October 2021

With bonus dev notes!


There is a lot of stuff for the BUSTA community to get excited about in this Medium, so let’s get into it…


Banana rockets or flying saucers? Which are better or more practical than the other?

Apes believe banana rockets are better… Not only can they blast you through space, they also provide passengers a plentiful food source whilst travelling to the rocket’s destination…

Do apes dream of banana rockets?

Banaliens however have tried to convince apes for a millennia that this is a very dumb idea. By eating their ship they will eventually have nothing left to travel in…

Apes blinded by their insatiable appetite for bananas have been forever reluctant to alter their thoughts on the issue… This has resulted in helping power a never-ending perpetual banana rocket manufacturing program, which significantly contributes to Peelion 4’s economy

BUSTA’s Affiliate Rewards program was of course designed with never-ending perpetual passive income in mind… And we are super excited to announce the platform will be pushed 100% live 20th October, 2021 !!!

Affiliate Rewards @

Everything you need to know how to get started with the Affiliate Rewards program is on our GitBook here;

We will have an all encompassing multiweek competition in the works, which will include promoting the rewards program in a big way, so watch this space!



🔥🔥🔥 Burrrrrrnnnn baby burrrrrnnnn!! 🔥🔥🔥

To date BUSTA has burnt a total of 640,278,588.24 BUST, which is a massive 6.4022% of the total supply…

And in other DEX news;

This is something we are sure everyone is looking forward to… actual BUSTA DEX analytics displayed on its very own statistics section. We aim to have this fully deployed by early November (subject to QA testing etc…)

Here are some wireframe shots of the design / layout

Please note the various values displayed does not represent current real world data…

BUSTA DEX stats example
BUSTA DEX token example
BUSTA DEX LP pairs example
BUSTA GameFi stats example

And with BEP20 support under development, token partners who list on BUSTA DEX will eventually be able to play BUSTA games with their tokens 👽



Earlier this week the dev team pushed a massive bug fix update to the game (further details found in this week’s dev notes lower down…)

The team has been so focused meeting feature rich deployment milestones and it was time to refactor / tighten up some issues the game had (withdrawal issues being one of them)

Now the team is hard at work building BEP20 support which is targeted to be deployed after the next sprint (subject to QA testing etc…)


Earlier in the week we had a high roller turn up and win over 50 BNB !!!!

Big win celebration with some stars (same galaxy as Primate 1)

A massive congratulations, and just goes to show you actually can win big on this game if you have the nerve to ride the banana rocket to Peelion 4 👽


GameFi Platform & BUSTA DICE

Development of the next game BUSTA DICE is progressing nicely and the internal Alpha version of the game should be ready for internal testing as early as 18th October (UTC)

The target release date of the Beta version of BUSTA DICE is expected 1st of November (UTC, subject to QA testing etc..)

And the debut of the GameFi platform Beta is also targeted for 1st of November (UTC, subject to QA testing etc..)

Here are some wireframe shots of both the GameFi platform & BUSTA DICE

Please note the various values displayed does not represent current real world data…

GameFi platform homepage example
BUSTA DICE hosted on GameFi platform example
GameFi MetaMask connection example



With so much development going on we can’t forget about the progress Roro & Crusher are making with this new section of the ecosystem!

We have revamped the art page of the website to showcase BUSTA COMICS NFT content first, then Fandom NFT content and followed by in house NFT content. Be sure to check it out here;

We are happy to say work has begun for the actual comics strips and have another character design to show off from talented comic artist Roro Kurotani of BakArtStudio7

Introducing Roro’s interpretation of Howard the Coin Appraiser;

Howard the Coin Appraiser design process by Roro Kurotani
Howard the Coin Appraiser by Roro Kurotani

In addition there are further in house BUSTA NFT’s under development to help support upcoming competitions / holiday events… This could be your chance to add to your own NFT collection!

Keep an eye out for our announcements 👽



ID Crypto Community in affiliation with Bitmart CEX hosted a Telegram AMA with Mark Berisha & Crusher from BUSTA yesterday

It was a very engaging AMA filled with many excellent questions for the BUSTA team to answer and elaborate on

Next event coming up will be a clubhouse hosted podcast @ 1am Sat 16th October (UTC)

The BUSTA team will be lining up as part of panel with 3x other projects in the blockchain industry

To join in the fun all you need to do is download the clubhouse app via either Google Play or the Apple app store, and watch out for the link details closer to the event shared in the BUSTA Telegram channel:

And let’s represent BUSTA in the podcast by everyone adopting the BUSTA logo;

Help represent BUSTA by using this logo as your avatar in the clubhouse podcast!

The BUSTA team will be putting up a total of $500 USD of BUST prizes for the event

See you there!

Now it’s time for the latest dev notes…



Sprint #14

It’s a bugfix sprint! We’re getting so close to a proper 1.0 release that we can practically taste it 😛 The game functionality is all there; now we need to go about tightening bolts, improving performance, and generally addressing all of those things that we pushed into the “someday” pile over the course of development

  • Auto-bet now actually listens to you when you tell it to stop. Auto-bet acknowledges that it was just doing it for the attention and feels ashamed by how immature it was being
  • New players will now see a friendly Getting Started modal when connecting their wallet for the first time. Think of it like the Apestronaut lounge before boarding the rocket. Lounge music not included. Unfortunately
  • Fixed some more strange issues that occur when players resize their browser window. Who knew that resizing your browser window would cause so many problems? Well anyway, we fixed them, so resize to your heart’s content. We dare you…
  • Fixed some cases where background accents were getting rendered in front of the elements they were accenting instead of behind them. The upshot is, you don’t need 3-D glasses to play the game
  • A bunch of QoL improvements for the trollbox. U mad bro? Not anymore 😁
  • Previous game multipliers are now scrollable on mobile and other small screens. Try it; it’s surprisingly satisfying
  • The deposit modal now closes itself after the player confirms the transaction. Turns out apeing in funds isn’t all that difficult, and the vast majority of players are perfectly capable of getting it right on the first try. Honestly, we should have seen that coming 😅
  • The game now returns an error when the player tries to submit multiple withdrawals at the same time instead of… um, exploding. The devs tried to explain it to me; something about quantum interpolation? I didn’t really get it, but whatever it is, it’s fixed now 🤷

Sprint #15

So… playing with BNB is cool and all, but you know what would be way more fun? Playing with $BUST. That’s right; we’re continuing our work on adding support for BEP-20 tokens to the game, starting with $BUST! We managed to sneak in a little extra progress on it this sprint, and prospects are good for having a playable prototype ready by the end of this sprint

We’ve also got our sights set on a few more pesky bugs that our players reported last sprint. Keep it up, team; you’re awesome! 🤔 Apesome? …anyway, you’re doing great 😁


Well there you have it BUSTA community… That was a very big update and hopefully you did ok getting through it all!

So much going on in Q4 and we will keep you updated every step of the way 👽👽👽


Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;

Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;


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