September 2nd, 2021


Peelion Four (home world of the Banaliens) is no stranger to heat. As the planet is in a tidally locked orbit with it’s blue star, half of the planet is subjected to a continuous ferocious burn.

So anything the Banaliens wanted to dispose of, they would simply move to the blue star side of Peelion Four, and it would be instantly incinerated.

This is no different for $BUST tokens!

Banalien scientists have been hard at work using galactic algorithms to evaluate a proposal to burn more BUST as promised in addition to the transaction tax model offered by the BUSTA DEX.

This is of course in lieu of the total funds raised in both the presale and BUSTA IDO. Breakdown of those figures here;

Private and Strategic rounds: $1.5M raised
IDO across Samurai, Starter and Bounce: $730K

The hard-cap stretch target was 1.15B BUST tokens but the total number sold was about 559M. So as per the plan, we have burnt the remainder.

That’s worth about USD$3.7M at the current price and is a whopping 5.91% of the TOTAL SUPPLY!!!

Transaction hash:

Banalien Burn Party

Furthermore, we’ve done the calculations for the circulating supply and it’s sitting at about 371M tokens, giving BUSTA a current market cap of only USD$2.3M. That means with USD$3.7M of tokens sent to the burn address we’ve just burnt more than the total MC!

We’re working on getting a price bot and charting up to make all this more easily accessible. Now that BUSTA CRASH and BUSTA DEX are live we can focus on charting and tracking features etc, among many more.

We’ve got a lot more content coming but we‘ll leave it here for now so we can crack on with the fun stuff like CEX listings and pushing the affiliate rewards live ;)


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