July 16th, 2021 — with bonus Dev notes!

Well it has been a very busy week here at BUSTA HQ!

We have quite a bit of additional content to share with everyone, so let’s get into it…



Yesterday we announced BUSTA’s first 2 key TGE partners, Starter & CyberFi Samurai. Great to be involved with both IDO launchpads on this journey to next month’s highly anticipated BUST multi IDO. Will have updates from both Samurai & Starter next week…

Here is a link to the Medium announcement if you missed it;



A big thanks to all the winners waiting patiently for contact… Our dev team has been hard at work adding final Alpha polish to ensure the game is genuinely ready for initial testing with our Alpha Squad winners

We will be reaching out to you within the next 24 hours, and the Alpha version of the game should be ready for you to start testing close to that time!

Please note: This is game screen demo only



That’s right, a fresh new BUSTA teaser video for all to enjoy 👽

Be sure to subscribe to the BUSTA YouTube channel for all new video content

BUSTA Video Teaser 2 HD on YouTube



We know everyone has been super eager to learn about the BUST Tokenomics, and the great news is these have now been finalised ready to share;

BUST Tokenomics published on BUSTA GitBook;



Although the initial iteration of the BUST ecosystem technical flow chart was considered by most a work of art, we thought it was time to “BUSTAFI” it to help make it easier to follow and understand

As the ecosystem grows we will daisy chain all future charts so everything flows nicely…



Sprint #6

Goal: Add support for depositing and withdrawing tokens on BSC testnet, improve auth security and player QoL

We’re making good progress on integrating with BSC testnet; this turned out to be a lot more work than we expected initially, but we’ve brought on an additional team to help with this, so that we can attack the problem from both sides. Keep watching this space for progress!

In the meantime…

  • Animations! Shinies! Explosions! The main game area now shows the rocket taking off, lifting into the atmosphere… and exploding! 🪐🚀💥
  • Players’ connected state now persists across page refreshes
  • Players can now only connect with a BSC address

We’re starting to get lots of feedback from alpha testers, and we’ve included a number of enhancements and fixes based on their feedback to improve player experience, including:

  • Improved mobile responsiveness
  • Leaderboard improvements
  • Simplified some UI elements
  • More human-friendly bet amounts and multipliers displayed in the UI
  • Prevent accidental/invalid inputs for bet amount
  • Fixed lots of fiddly behaviours when switching between browser tabs while the game is running
  • Fixed somewhat fewer fiddly behaviors when the player reloads the page at awkward times
  • Lots of security and reliability improvements. We tracked down heaps of tricky/clever/frustrating edge cases and refactored the backend to handle them correctly
  • Improved test coverage for the Player Ops service
  • We’ve also finalised our automation with proper CI pipelines and automated test deployments

Sprint #7

Goal: Wrap up work on depositing testnet BSC tokens and implement max profit/liability/multiplier, while maintaining a speedy turnaround for addressing feedback from alpha testing



Hope everyone has enjoyed this week’s progress updates and content!

We will be much more to come with the lead up to IDO next month, including a working Beta version of the game for everyone to enjoy 👽

Be sure to keep up-to-date with everything BUSTA with our social links below and catch you all next week!

~Neil ApeStrong



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