June 17th, 2021 — with bonus Dev notes!

- Johnny Rico

Why is that the opening line for this Medium? Dunno, good question, maybe we’ll find out later..

Well as always, there’s lots going on behind the scenes here at BUSTA HQ, and although I’d love to divulge more info, I’ve got to be careful I don’t get zapped too much with my electric anti info-leak collar they’ve got me wearing now. But let’s see how we go..

We’re doing our part, are you doing yours?

As the project scope grew, the demand on the team was getting out of hand so we signaled for help and gathered some more talent to increase troop size. We’ve added an entire new dev team to complement our existing squad, added a marketing team, ramped up the advisor count, and hired a professional social media and community management platoon.

We’re now up to about 20 full-time staff (I keep losing count), and 10 or so part-time staff as/when needed

Rico’s Roughnecks! HU-RAAAA

Research and Development

When not fighting off bug swarms, myself and the R&D team are hard at work on the various token, game and revenue models, and we’ve finally got something we can show you that we’re incredibly proud of. It still needs prettying up, but we feel it’s ready enough for show and tell so you can finally see what we’ve been working on all this time!

Now just a quick disclaimer before I give you the link..

Everything in the chart is subject to change, depending on the continuing development and testing of the platform. We want to make sure that BUSTA is the best it can be, so we will make adjustments as necessary if we feel it will improve the ecosystem for our community and partners. That said, the chart represents the flow of tokens and revenue generation across the first crash game, the AMM and staking platform, and the affiliate portal

Ok, enough said, here you go;

It’s fairly complex, but don’t worry if it doesn’t all make sense as we’re currently developing the GitBook which will explain it all in more detail

Also it goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that we welcome all feedback, positive and critical. The BUSTA project is a community driven project with the DAO at the forefront, therefore we rely heavily on engagement from our community to continue driving the project in the right direction. So thanks in advance for your help :)

Alpha testing… Want to know more?

Now that we’re nearing the alpha testing phase of the game, we need some alpha testers! We’ve got a long list of internal testers — since everyone on the team is super excited and can’t wait to get their hands on the game — but we want to open this up to the community to make sure it’s not completely biased ;)

Although we’re pretty sure there’s going to be enough interest in getting early access to the game and providing feedback, we thought we best aim to stack the deck a little just in case. Soooooo… we’re going to be running a wee competition for those who want to participate and although I don’t have the specifics yet, I can assure you that there’s going to be BUST tokens up for grabs and some limited edition BUSTA-themed NFTs courtesy of our good buddies over at Memefarm.io

We’ll publish another medium before the end of next week with all the details so if you want to be part of the alpha testing squad codenamed “Alpha Squad” (totally original squad name right?!), then be sure to follow us everywhere you can!

“The Only Good Bug Is A Dead Bug!” — latest dev notes;

# Sprint 4


Implement the funds manager, so that players can track their winnings and losses, and improve QoL for players

  • Laid the groundwork for the funds manager. This turned out to be a bit more complex than we initially thought, so we’ll need to jam on it some more in Sprint 5
  • Proof-of-concept for authenticating with MetaMask
  • Wired up auto-play; players can now optionally specify what multiplier they want to exit at, so that they don’t have to time a manual exit precisely
  • If a player loses their nerve and wants to exit before the game reaches their target multiplier, they can still do so. We’ve got your back!
  • After a round crashes, players now see how much they won that round and a countdown timer until the next round starts
  • Made the UI more responsive for mobile viewports
  • House edge is now configurable
  • For transparency, the house edge % is also included in audit reports for game rounds (because the house edge % is one of the inputs determining each round’s crash multiplier).
  • Success/error toast notifications
  • The game engine now recovers gracefully if the app is shut down (e.g., for maintenance, recovering from downtime, etc.)

# Sprint 5


Complete the funds manager, get authentication working, and pay down some technical debt so that we can maintain a fast pace of development.

This will also be the first sprint where we deploy the application to the cloud for pre-release testing :-)


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