20th September, 2021


How’s it going out there in the vast expanses of the BUSTA VERSE? Though it may be cold in the vacuum of space, things are really starting to heat up for BUSTA midway through September! Some of you may have noticed we have changed our heading from BUSTA NATION to BUSTA VERSE… We felt the latter made more sense!



Launched August 18th

We are now 1 month deep into the game being live…

Current Bankroll: 775 BNB

Down 35 BNB from last week — meaning some of you are kicking butt and taking names, our Banalien floor managers are keeping a keen eye on you guys…

Accumulated House Edge: 121 BNB, At the current rate of week to week growth, we could accrue up to 1000 BNB by years end, that’s a lot of BBB (buyback & burns) and BNB reward distributions for stake holders. $$$$

Speaking of BBB and our distribution contract:

Burned 2.5M BUST (worth ~USD$10K)

Burned 279K MFRM (worth ~USD$4.8K)

Burned 67.6K APE (worth ~USD$4.6K)

Player-base continues to grow steady with 809 new wallets(players) so far in September

Total Bets placed is up to 187,708. Will we crack 2 million by years end?

BUSTA DEX | Launched August 31st

Current TVL: USD$ 1.78 million

Revenue Generated to date (from swap fees on BUST): ~USD$80,000

These fees will be continue to be processed through as well, that means more BBB!


Our top 3 affiliates in number of referrals have 70, 27 and 14 referrals respectively.

Our top 3 affiliates in total earnings have earned $646, $443 and $301 from swap and farm rewards.

We had some big news announced this past week:


This has been a phenomenal month all around in every division and we have so much more in the works we cant wait to share with everyone. Buckle up for an exciting Q4 Ladies, Gentlemen and Banaliens!


$BUST chart for BUSTA DEX here;



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