27th September, 2021


The BUSTA COMICS contest is really starting to heat up, just like the tide locked blue star side of Peelon 4!

Here are some recent entries which are definitely in the running for top 3 (in no particular order);

Still heaps of time left to enter! Contest closes 9pm Sunday 3rd October (UTC)

Everyone who enters and completes all tasks will receive a BUSTA COMICS limited edition NFT

1st place gets $500.00 USD of BUST + design minted as an NFT + character wins starring role in upcoming BUSTA comic!

2nd & 3rd place gets $250.00 USD of BUST each + designs minted as NFTs + characters wins “extras” roles in upcoming BUSTA comic!

Enter here;


And while we are on the subject of BUSTA COMICS, lets take a look the latest character design from our amazing comic artist Roro Kurotani;

Coin King’s side arm also had an upgrade, so minted another “Gun Upgrade” version NFT on MFRM.io

There are a few more character design concepts to polish. Once these are completed work on the first comic story will commence :)

All the completed designs have been minted as NFTs and can be viewed here;



BUSTA CRASH | Launched 18th August 2021

Well into the second month of being live!

Current Bankroll: 792 BNB

Up 17 BNB from last week so the max winnings is growing…

Accumulated House Edge: 160 BNB, At the current rate of week to week growth, we could easily accrue up to 1000 BNB by years end, that’s a lot of BBB (buyback & burns) and BNB reward distributions for stake holders. $$$$

Player-base continues to grow steady with 1,022 new wallets (players) so far in September, the total number of wallets being 2,090

Total Bets placed is up to 256,967. Will we crack 2 million by years end?


BUSTA DEX | Launched 31st August, 2021

Current TVL: USD$ 1.17 million

Revenue Generated to date (from swap fees on BUST): ~USD$95,000

These fees will be continue to be processed through as well, that means more BBB!


Our top 3 affiliates in number of referrals have 70, 28 and 14 referrals respectively.

Our top 3 affiliates in total earnings have earned $651, $443 and $301 from swap and farm rewards.



  • BUST listed on Bitmart CEX
  • Completed an AMA with CryptoNesia
  • Announced Vaulty listing with BUSTA DEX
  • BUST went live on Nomics, Coin Gecko & Coin Market Cap
  • BUSTA CRASH Troll Box went live
  • ART section added tobusta.gg


  • New Vaulty DEX listing going live
  • V1 BUSTA CRASH official release
  • Another AMA coming up
  • Winners for the BUSTA COMICS contest announced early October
  • Affiliate rewards going live (hopefully!!!)

This has been a phenomenal month all around in every division and we have so much more in the works we cant wait to share with everyone. Buckle up for an exciting Q4 Ladies, Gentlemen and Banaliens!


$BUST chart for BUSTA DEX here;



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