BUSTA VERSE State of Address!

13th September, 2021


How’s it going out there in the vast expanses of the BUSTA VERSE? Though it may be cold in the vacuum of space, things are really starting to heat up for BUSTA midway through September! Some of you may have noticed we have changed our heading from BUSTA NATION to BUSTA VERSE… We felt the latter made more sense!


Without too much preamble, let’s get into it!

BUSTA CRASH | Launched August 18th

Current Bankroll: 819 BNB
Down 3 BNB from last week — meaning we’ve had slightly more winners than losers this week, well played!

Accumulated House Edge: 80 BNB
Up 43 from last week, about 6 BNB per day — not bad at all!

Highest number of players at one time: 10
Up 2 from last week — player-base is still small but increasing every week :)

Highest win: 8 BNB
No change since last week

The game is still relatively unknown to the masses but in its 25 days since launch we’ve had about an even amount of overall winners and losers which is how it should be, and the game has generated 80 BNB (about USD $32.5K). We had 43 BNB generated in the last 7 days meaning a daily revenue of USD$2.5K.

Those funds will be sent through to the fee distribution contract which will split them up among 25% for buying and burning BUST/APE/MFRM, 25% for buying and adding BUST-BNB LP, 25% for adding BNB and BUST to the staking rewards and paying affiliates, and sending the remaining 25% to the BUSTA DAO Treasury for topping up the bankroll and paying for further development etc.

BUSTA DEX | Launched August 31st

Day 12 TVL: USD$2.5M

Day 12 Revenue Generated to date (from swap fees on BUST): ~USD$70,000

These fees will be processed through the fee distribution contract as mentioned above.

Burns and revenue distribution

Since commencing revenue distribution last week, we’ve achieved the following:

Burned 1.5M BUST (worth ~USD$9.5K)
Burned 169K MFRM (worth ~USD$2K)
Burned 44.7K APE (worth ~USD$2.8K)

Added USD$10K worth of BUST-BNB LP
Added USD$8K worth of BUST-BUSD LP

Accumulated 9.2 BNB and 2M BUST for additional staking rewards

Accumulated ~USD$20K worth of treasury funds in BUST, BUSD and BNB for adding to the game bankroll and further development.

In summary;

We had a big increase in revenue from the game, and a small decrease in daily revenue from the DEX. The fee distribution going live has shown the platform works as intended: providing burns, adding LP, generating more staking rewards and funds for the bankroll and treasury for further development.

With our CEX listing coming in 10 days, BNB staking rewards going live this week, and a bunch more good news on the horizon, we’re expecting that trading and play volume to have a nice increase over the next week. Meaning: more BUST to burn and BNB to earn ;)








And thus concludes our second BUSTA VERSE State of Address!

We hope you are happy with our ongoing progress :)

Catch you all in Telegram and in the game!


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