with bonus DEV notes!

1st October, 2021



That’s right frens! Ape engineers & Banalien scientists have been able to finalize BUSTA’s Q4 roadmap… errr… planet chart?

Make no mistake… achieving these future milestones could be thwart with unknown dangers, such as (but not limited to) moving black holes, random Plinko meteors, accidently forgetting to bring a laser pistol to a Galactic Athropod attack and banana rocket ship breakdowns

Yes journeying through space can be treacherous, but never fear as our heroes Coin King, Star Strider & Howard the Coin Appraiser are here to help the BUSTA team complete the mission!




As promised BUSTA CRASH V1 update has now been pushed live. Detailed dev notes have been included further on down this Medium, however here are a few notable additions;

Even though we are happy to give the game V1 status, there are so many more features, bug fixes and polish coming to BUSTA CRASH

Playing BUSTA games with $BUST & BEP-20 partner tokens is obviously a huge focus, and we know that sentiment is shared by the BUSTA community :)

We are ideally targeting late October for the beta of the playable BEP-20 feature to go live with a fully functional partner dashboard in November



The ongoing BUSTA COMICS contest will be concluding 9pm Sunday 3rd October (UTC)

You still have time to get your entries in to secure yourself a free NFT;

BUSTA COMICS contest Banalienangelo NFT

and be in to win one of the following;

Talented commissioned artist Roro Kurotani is hard at work designing characters for the upcoming BUSTA COMICS debut comic strip;





Recently we announced Vaulty were listing on BUSTA DEX. We are happy to announce VLTY token details uploaded to the DEX and liquidity will be added soon (we will advise once done). Welcome to the Vaulty community :)

The BUSTA team are making steady progress bringing further awareness to how customizable transaction taxes can bring additional value & utility to projects

As previously stated, playing BUSTA games with BEP-20 partner tokens is under development

So if a project wants to play BUSTA games with their BEP-20 token, they will need to be listed on BUSTA DEX as a partner token first. This will help drive adoption to the DEX, which will in turn increase trade volume & TVL

Expect to see some visual additions to BUSTA DEX in the month of October, including a much anticipated statistics page!

BUST token is now officially listed on the following;



BUSTA’s inhouse game development team has been hard at work on the following;

We will be sharing some early development screenshots of the new GameFi Platform as soon as next week! Stay tuned for that :)


And that’s pretty much a wrap for this blog frens… As promised we have the latest dev notes below for you to digest…

So much to look forward to in October and the months ahead!



Dev notes for Sprint 14:

Sprint #13

While we continue to build out BEP-20 support, there’s a few more features and improvements that we’ve got our sights set on: measuring and improving the performance of round exits, adding support for additional wallets via Wallet Connect, and letting players personalize their experience with nicknames.

Sprint #14

It’s a bugfix sprint! We’re getting so close to a more polished 1.0 release that we can practically taste it 😛 The game functionality is all there; now we need to go about tightening bolts, improving performance, and generally addressing all of those things that we pushed into the “someday” pile over the course of development


$BUST chart for BUSTA DEX here;



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