26th November 2021

With bonus dev notes!


Its fair to say November has thrown up some random challenges, for BUSTA CRASH in particular!

The team at BUSTA would firstly like to acknowledge the community’s patience and understanding. Thank you

There are some issues the team have been able to overcome, others are still being worked through. Let’s summarize what has been happening and then cover what’s next for BUSTA development

Example of APE grappling with BUSTA CRASH issues

So what’s next in the short term?

Example of APE with all BUSTA CRASH issues fixed

That is the the current state of play for BUSTA CRASH and future game development. Now onto an update for BUSTA DEX…



Some very nice upgrades have just been deployed to BUSTA DEX…

Thanks to the BUSTA community for user experience input. A couple of these features were added due to feedback from the community

Hmm… Is this wrapped or unwrapped BNB?

The DEX dev team are currently building a self listing portal for other projects wanting to list their token on BUSTA DEX

Development for this is on schedule, and the expected delivery is mid December, just before Christmas 🎄

Here are some work in progress wireframe examples;

Landing page for listing token process
Wallet connection selection
Status of connected wallet shown
First data entry page in process
Second data entry page in process
Third data entry page in process
Confirmation of data entry complete
Summary of token details submitted / listed

We want to ensure the partner token listing experience will be a super simple efficient process for any project wanting to list their token on BUSTA DEX. This will of course ensure their token can be playable with our games once BEP20 partner token support is activated (Soon™)

Next let’s talk comics…



Commissioned artist it Roro Kurotani of BakArtStudio7NFT has been putting countless hours of work to build up comic strip content for BUSTA

Both his talent and vision is bringing the story of Coin King and his crew to life


BUSTA COMICS will debut mid December 2021

The first comic strip is set to debut mid December, and a follow-up comic strip of the story published every 2 weeks thereafter

We are super excited to start revealing the comics to not only the BUSTA community, but also to other communities on BSC where Roro’s work is celebrated

Ok, here is a little teaser…

Teaser cell from the first BUSTA comic strip arriving in December 2021

Now onto some developer notes…



Sprint #17

This is it: The sprint where we deliver BEP-20 support. We’re gonna start with $BUST, and we’ll progressively roll out more tokens over time. A huge amount of hard work has gone into getting us to this point, and we’re really excited to get this into your hands!

But, just because we’re reaching the end of one journey doesn’t mean we’re not ready to start a new one! As soon as BEP-20 is wrapped, we’re gonna start laying the groundwork for multi-chain support 😉

Sprint #18

Gonna start things off on a serious note here. On behalf of the entire development team I want to apologize for last week’s incident. We feel quite badly that we had to take the game offline, and for the disruption that it caused to our players and community. You deserve better, and we know that we can do better! Thank you for your continued support and feedback as we move past this and continue to bring you the ultimate crash gaming experience!

… which brings me to BEP-20 support. I am pleased to announce that the feature is now fully built; however, after last week’s incident, we want to take one more week to put the game through its paces and make sure everything is bulletproof before we launch this. Believe me, no-one is more impatient to see this go live than we are; a huge amount of work has gone into it, and we are ridiculously excited for you to try it out 😺 Please bear with us as we do our final preflight checks and get ready for takeoff 🚀


So that’s everything for this BUSTA Medium update

Stay tuned for some new quiz activities our team will be driving frequently in our main Telegram channel. There will of course be prizes on offer, so be sure to get involved! 👽


Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;


Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;



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