8th March 2022


Today we are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with;

End Games Guild DAO

End Games Guild (EGG) DAO is an organization composed of Axie Infinity scholars and NFT / Play to Earn assets including Guild of Guardians, Ember Sword, Star Atlas, Gods Unchained. EGG DAO aims to be the frontrunner in providing a stress-free experience for rookie and seasoned investors alike, at the same time attaining the widest reach of exceptional players by democratizing access to play to earn games

End Games Guild DAO is also building an interoperable, open-source platform for the play-to-earn economy

EGG are open to collaborating with Guilds, Games, and Protocols, to provide our ecosystem or players with the best services and play-to-earn opportunities in the Metaverse

BUSTA in particular will benefit from EGG introducing new BNB Chain based projects with a convenient place to list their token/s (BUSTA DEX) and increase utility of a token via adding to our game/s (BUSTA CRASH initially, DICE to follow)

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BUSTA DEX data for all listed pairs on BUSTA DEX here
Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here
Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here


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