4th December 2021


In a big Banalien eye blink we have arrived inside the month of Christmas!

It’s traditionally a busy time of year for both Ape & Banalien home worlds…

On Peelion 4, banana production heads into overdrive ensuring there is enough produce for creating vast volumes of the Dirty Banana beverage. The highly desired alcoholic drink spikes 100% above average monthly consumption in December, helping power the hospitality sector on Primate 1

Coin King after many Dirty Bananas…

Great times are had by all…



BUSTA team wants to spread the Christmas cheer with some awesome giveaways on the banana rocket to Christmas!

There will be daily BUSTA quizzes hosted in the main BUSTA Telegram channel, starting 9pm Monday 6th to 9pm Thursday 23rd December 2021 (UTC)

  • Every quiz winner will receive a BUST token prize
  • If there is more than one winner, there will be a random draw between the tied contestants to pick one winner (this will take place at the time)
  • The BUST prize pool will increase daily 💰💰💰
  • In addition all daily quiz participants will be in to win an a limited edition NFT (one NFT up for grabs per quiz)
  • But wait there’s more! All quiz wins are an automatic ticket entry to winning another unique limited edition NFT at the conclusion of the campaign

Here is the prize pool schedule;

Day 1: $100 USD of BUST (Mon 6th UTC)
Day 2: $120 USD of BUST (Tue 7th UTC)
Day 3: $140 USD of BUST (Wed 8th UTC)
Day 4: $160 USD of BUST (Thu 9th UTC)
Day 5: $180 USD of BUST (Fri 10th UTC)
Day 6: $200 USD of BUST (Sat 11th UTC)
Day 7: $220 USD of BUST (Sun 12th UTC)
Day 8: $240 USD of BUST (Mon 13th UTC)
Day 9: $260 USD of BUST (Tue 14th UTC)
Day 10: $280 USD of BUST (Wed 15th UTC)
Day 11: $300 USD of BUST (Thu 16th UTC)
Day 12: $320 USD of BUST (Fri 17th UTC)
Day 13: $340 USD of BUST (Sat 18th UTC)
Day 14: $360 USD of BUST (Sun 19th UTC)
Day 15: $380 USD of BUST (Mon 20th UTC)
Day 16: $400 USD of BUST (Tue 21st UTC)
Day 17: $420 USD of BUST (Wed 22nd UTC)
Day 18: $500 USD of BUST (Thursday 23rd UTC)

Total BUST prizes: $4,920.00 USD of BUST !!! 🤑🤑🤑

Sneak peak of NFT design…

BUSTA Christmas NFTs under development

All NFTs will be added as permanent fixture of the comic / art section of the BUSTA website. The prize NFTs will also be viewable at mfrm.io as they are distributed to the lucky winners

Conditions of entry;

  • Must join both BUSTA and APEcoin Telegram channels
  • Must follow the BUSTA , Monkey Firm and APEcoin Twitter accounts
  • All prizes will be paid to winners within 72 hours after winning
  • BUSTA reserves the right to cancel or amend competition details. Any changes to the competition will be announced via the main BUSTA Telegram channel

Best of luck to everyone! 🎅



Just a quick update for the game

As most of the community is already aware, BUSTA CRASH is currently offline undergoing significant maintenance and upgrades

The goal is to have the game back online this coming week, and there are a number of keys things we want working (for good!);

  • Deposits not getting stuck
  • The game mechanics operating as always intended
  • BUST token playable with the game (this feature is now built)
Cavendish is excited BUSTA CRASH will be playable with BUST token soon™


We hope everyone is enjoying the sneak peak shots from upcoming BUSTA COMICS content. The first comic strip is set to debut mid December, then every two weeks thereafter

There will be a product update Medium about a week from now, so until then have an enjoyable weekend, and see everyone at the Peelion 4 Christmas Party competition starting next week! 🎅


Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;


Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;



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