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1st January 2022


Happy new year… to all humans on the planet Earth!

As we all know its a massive universe out there. Every planet orbiting a star within it endures different length days, months and years

For example, the planet of Peelion 4 has a relatively close tidally locked orbit of a blue star. A standard day on this planet as we know it doesn’t actually exist, however a Peelion 4 year is the equivalent of 10 Earth hours

Planets such as Primate 1 are more similar to Earth, as it orbits a yellow sun and sits within what’s known to humans as the “Goldilocks zone”. When visiting the Ape home world, Banaliens need to adjust to the “alien” conditions, as they are not used to a world with a rising and setting sun…

On Peelion 4 all you need to do is pick a spot between either side of the planet to enjoy a never ending “day”

Planetary conditions aside, the BUSTA team hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Year celebrations!

We have a number of thing to cover in this year’s first Medium blog of 2022, so without further ado let’s start with a BUSTA COMIC strip reveal…




Artist: Roro Kurotani of BakArtStudio7NFT

Writer: Crusher of BUSTA COMICS


So far so good for playable $BUST token on BUSTA CRASH

We did encounter a couple of minor issues shortly after deployment, however these seem to be fixed for now

If you come across connectivity issues please continue to advise us, and we will continue to feed this information to the developers

The dev team will be watching the performance over of the game over the coming weeks to ensure it continues to play as intended


Unfortunately we have had to stop offering WBNB rewards within the last 72 hours

We know this is not great news, however it was a decision made based purely on math. Here is a quick explanation;

WBNB rewards come from 2 places:

1) Manually added rewards, which initially came from the IDO raise and was planned to run for 3 months (though we ended up running it a bit longer through to the end of 2021 as a thanks to our stakers)

2) 25% of the WBNB House Edge revenue from the game. Due to the various issues with the game lately it hasn’t made lot of revenue but we have full confidence in running a stable and entertaining game in 2022 — complete with playable partner tokens too

The project does have a treasury of BUST tokens, so these rewards will continue

In order for BUSTA CRASH to help feed WBNB to the staking ecosystem, it needs adoption of new players. As previously stated the game has been consistently sidelined due to ongoing challenges in 2021, which stifled marketing initiatives (eg. Twitch influencers) along with player confidence in the game. CRASH does seem to be getting closer to its intended operating state, so there will be a refocused effort to build on this momentum throughout Q1


That’s the first blog of 2022!

Bit of a mixed bag in regards to news, however we do have a huge year ahead to look forward to

See you all later in the month 👾👾👾


BUSTA DEX data for all listed pairs on BUSTA DEX here

Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here

Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here


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