29th, October 2021

With bonus dev notes!


Have you ever wondered why apes love bananas? In the spirit of Halloween, here is a story from the BUSTA VERSE…

Prior to first contact with Banaliens, Primate 1 history recounts many stories from Apes throughout the ages, such as silver saucer sightings and abductions by yellow beings with big black eyes…

Some Ape conspiracy theorists believe the Banaliens may have been responsible for the alleged visitations and so called abductions. Their motivation? Perhaps it was to alter Ape DNA, ensuring they couldn’t resist eating a radiantly ripe banana. This in turn would ensure the Apes would become long serving customers of the Banaliens for all things bananas…

Apes are in love with bananas, and they don’t know why…

Banaliens have of course refuted these claims and pointed out there is no way to 100% prove the stories to be true…

What do you believe? Bwahahaha *evil laugh from the narrator* 🎃🎃🎃

Now time for some serious news!



To celebrate BUSTA’s very first Halloween and the launch of APE GAME competition with our friends over at APEcoin & MFRM.io, 18x Limited Edition NFTs are up for grabs! There will only ever be a set of 10x of each design minted (total of 2x designs)

It’s super easy to be in for a chance to win one of these spooky Banalien hybrids. All you need to do is enter the APE GAME competition before 12:00am 1st November 2021 (UTC)

Winners will be drawn randomly and sent their NFTs within 72 hours after entries close

Enter right here frens: https://t.co/2S4bmrHkWf?amp=1

Here are the 2x Halloween BUSTA NFT designs up for grabs;

Demetrius Banalien (Limited Edition Halloween 2021 / only 10x minted)
Frankenana Banalien (Limited Edition Halloween 2021 / only 10x minted)

These two NFTs will be added to BUSTA’s COMICS / ART page and may even feature in future comic strips…

And good luck with APE GAME! You are gonna need it frens…



BUSTA can now offer a customizable swap widget for partner token websites!

This embed widget unlocks a seamless trade portal for partner project communities with very little development required

Both the design and token pairs can be customized to suit each partner project’s requirements

Here’s an example of the swap widget in action:

Example of customizable swap widget for partner token websites

The DEX section at busta.gg will be live with the widget within the next few days once it has been given the green tock of approval from our QA team

To apply to list your project’s token on BUSTA DEX, please complete the following form:


Remember, BUSTA is all about increasing a token’s utility and reducing it’s supply!



Over the next few weeks we will be introducing active influencers from platforms such as Twitch to the BUSTA ecosystem, specifically the Affiliate Rewards program and BUSTA CRASH

The idea is to partner with influencers who can promote the BUSTA ecosystem to their own audiences who are interested in the products we have built. In turn we would also like to reciprocate by promoting their channels each time they go live

Game participation levels should start to rise steadily as we build out these partnerships. With BEP20 support and BUSTA DICE just around the corner, its important to start this process now



That’s right! We have chosen 5x new backing tracks for BUSTA CRASH, which will be played in random order (never the same track twice)

Music has been on the menu for ages, however other more important improvements / updates kept pushing the add-on down the list, until now!

There will of course be a mute button giving users the choice to play with music either turned on or off 🎃



Sprint #15

So… playing with BNB is cool and all, but you know what would be way more fun? Playing with $BUST. That’s right; we’re continuing our work on adding support for BEP-20 tokens to the game, starting with $BUST! We managed to sneak in a little extra progress on it this sprint, and prospects are good for having a playable prototype ready by the end of this sprint

We’ve also got our sights set on a few more pesky bugs that our players reported last sprint. Keep it up, team; you’re awesome! 🤔 Apesome? …anyway, you’re doing great 😁

  • BEP-20 support is now making the rounds through testing. This new feature touches virtually every part of the game, and we’re making a thorough go of it so that nothing falls through the cracks. Watch for more updates about this soon!
  • When depositing funds into your account, MetaMask now suggests an optimal gas fee to use for the transaction, instead of zero. As much as we would love for BSC transactions to be free, we had to admit in retrospect that might have been a tad idealistic
  • It is now possible to play BUSTA CRASH with your phone in landscape mode without also having to rotate your head 90 degrees (:
  • Fixed a few more issues with auto-bet. Most notably, it now stays off when you turn it off. It feels silly to have to type that, but hey, computers can be silly at times
  • Fixed a few more issues where things are in front of other things that they’re supposed to be hiding behind. For anyone who felt affronted by these bugs, you can now safely put them behind you
  • The withdraw button is now disabled when the player’s account has a zero balance. I couldn’t think of a pun for this one; I think my creativity’s overdrawn..
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t log out after some time. Ironically, the issue was occurring because the players had already been logged out due to inactivity… but we fixed it anyway. It’s the principle of the thing.

As always, we are supremely grateful to our player community for getting in touch when things aren’t working quite right (and occasionally when they are)! You’ve been sending us amazing feedback about ways we can make BUSTA CRASH even better; keep it up!

Sprint #16

BEP-20 support sure is turning out to be a real monkey on our back. However, the end is in sight (figuratively speaking) now that the feature is in testing. Part of our team is also dedicated to addressing any issues that crop up during testing, so that we can get this out the door as quickly as possible, or I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (ape puns are hard 😅)

For the rest of the team, we’re turning our attention to all of the invisible systems that keep the game running smoothly, to work on stability and performance enhancements. Not nearly as dramatic as BEP-20 support, admittedly, but the devs are excited about it, so I’m taking that as a good sign


So that was October 2021 for BUSTA!

November is super packed with product rollout, which include;

  • Beta version of BUSTA DICE on test net (early November / fake BNB)
  • Beta version of BUSTA DICE on main net (mid November / real BNB)
  • Beta version of GameFi platform on test net (early November)
  • Beta version of GameFi platform on main net (mid November)
  • BEP20 token support for BUSTA CRASH (early November / BUST only)
  • BEP20 token support for BUSTA CRASH (mid November / partner tokens)
  • Statics section for BUSTA DEX (early November)

And many more… Have a great Halloween weekend everyone 🎃🎃🎃


Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;


Nomics exchange data for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here;



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The next generation iGaming + DeFi platform on BSC with a multi-token crash game and built-in DEX

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The next generation iGaming + DeFi platform on BSC with a multi-token crash game and built-in DEX

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