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27th January 2022


Our good frens over at Neural Frens are about to launch H-NP, and to celebrate have shouted BUSTA a few Neural Pepe NFTs to give away!

Details directly below explaining how H-NP works and how to enter

We also have the latest development notes for BUSTA CRASH included following the giveaway overview, so be sure to check them out…


It’s giveaway time thanks to our pals over at Neural Frens!

To celebrate the launch of H-NP, the Neural Jail has offered to release 3x Neural Pepe NFTs into the permanent custody of 3x lucky BUSTA community members

Here are the 3x NFTs up for grabs;

Neural Pepe NFTs (7601, 4523 & 7718)

What is H-NP??

Did you know that every Neural Pepe (NP) has a human-like clone? Starting the 2nd of February every NP NFT holder will be able to mint a humanized version of their pepe fren as an NFT!

If you don’t have any NP yet, you have a great opportunity to win one, if you hold some $BUST! Rules are simple:

- Follow both BUSTA and Neural Frens Twitter accounts
- Tag 3 friends & retweet competition the competition tweet here
- Fill in the form here
- Hodl at least 150,000+ $BUST on your wallet

3 winners will be picked on the 2nd of February (UTC)

Good luck!


Sprint #19

But, what good is it to have a feature sitting in the “Done” column if nobody can actually use it? So, of course, our very top priority for Sprint 19 is getting $BUST support deployed to the production environment. This will be a tricky one, as it requires updating pretty much every part of the game, so we’re gonna take a little bit of time to make sure we get it right. Keep an eye out for exciting announcements next week!

In the meantime, we’re keeping our focus held squarely on quality assurance this sprint, making sure we can launch more tokens safely in future releases, as well as addressing a few issues that our players have reported. In particular, we’re going to be doing a lot of work on improving the experience for players connecting with Trust Wallet ❤️

  • Gee willikers! The day has finally come! $BUST has been launched successfully and is maintaining a stable orbit! I get a twinkle in my eye every time I see that new satellite in the BUSTA CRASH solar system… but it looks so lonely up there; what can we do about that?
  • Fixed lots and lots of connectivity issues with Trust Wallet. Hopefully MetaMask doesn’t get too jealous
  • Made the error message a lot clearer when trying to place a deposit after pointing MetaMask at a different network. The deposit popup still doesn’t appear, but at least now we’re doing a better job of explaining why 😇
  • Fixed an issue where players are disconnected from the game when betting with multiple tokens
  • Fixed an issue where players can place a bet that has way too many decimal places. This is why we can’t have nice things
  • Fixed an issue where the Earn button disappears behind the leaderboard
  • Fixed an issue where only the top row of the leaderboard is visible when switching to landscape view on a mobile device
  • Fixed an issue where the game area only takes up half the screen when switching to landscape view on a mobile device

Sprint #20

Ehhh, you know, adding that second token to the game wasn’t THAT hard… let’s add two more 😁 Be on the lookout for $APE and $MFRM joining $BUST and BNB in your favorite crash game soon!

We’re also beavering away at a number of features that will make our admins’ lives easier. Admittedly not nearly as exciting of an update, but they work hard, too; they deserve a break every now and then 🤗


Thanks for reading as always!

There will be more announcements coming shortly for other expected feature deployments and estimated launch date for the DICE game…


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Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on BUSTA DEX here

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