BUSTA CRASH massive Bankroll increase!! (and general game update)

also with bonus Dev notes!

3rd September, 2021


Peelion 4 has aligned with Chadana and Burntopia for the first time in 10,000 peels.

It’s raining liquid bankroll and we’re excited to share the latest news from Neil ApeStrong with all the Banalians today.

Bankroll increase for all!

We raised about USD$720K from the IDO’s and as planned we’re putting 40% of that into the BUSTA CRASH game as additional Bankroll.

  • Currently the Bankroll is sitting comfortably at about 250 BNB / USD$120K
  • 40% of USD$720K is USD$288K / 594 BNB.

So, as of a few minutes ago, we’ve just added 594 BNB to the bankroll giving us a new total of 844 BNB! Also meaning the max winnings per player per round have gone from about $1K to over $4K!!

Not only have we added funds from the IDO but we’ll soon also be adding a percentage of the revenue collected from the swap fees on BUSTA DEX, and the House Edge from the game, as per the original schematic. BUSTA’s march towards “Total Automation” and a circular economy continues.

We’ll make another small announcement about that when the funds are added.

Game improvements:

The cave-dwellers (devs) have a few new UI updates:

  • Like the previous game-rounds being displayed above the game and tidying up the max profit and max bet modals.
  • And fixing 99% of the issues causing player deposits and withdrawals to get stuck and we’ve added a small withdrawal fee to cover the gas cost of giving players their winnings.
  • Our Auto-Play feature is almost ready and should be deployed in the next few days, meaning players can set a number of rounds and a specific eject multiplier then sit back and enjoy the ride :)
  • The highly-demanded chatbox / trollbox is almost ready and should be deployed next Monday, that’s gonna make things a whole lot more fun in-game.

We simply cannot wait to chat with you all live in-game!

with you all live in-game!

BE THE HOUSE (And now for the DEV Notes!!)


DEV Notes — Sprint #11

Top of our list for this sprint is looking after our affiliates 🤗 When a house edge round occurs, a portion of the house profits will be distributed based on whoever referred the players who were playing that round. If this is news to you, head over to https://dapp.busta.gg/ and get yourself a shiny referral code!

On top of that, we’re tying off a lot of loose ends this sprint; finishing off a few edge cases for max total profit and improving its auditability, adding a withdrawal fee (sorry; gas fees gotta come from somewhere!), and also showing multipliers from previous game rounds (for reals this time 😁)

  • The current BNB bankroll and house edge profits are now shown in the top navigation bar. Whether you’re playing against the house or playing as the house, you can now see how you’re tracking
  • Speaking of the top navigation bar (it doesn’t happen often, so please forgive this indulgence), BUSTA CRASH now has a shiny new logo up there, and we’ve made a few other cosmetic improvements
  • We’re being a little bit stricter about requiring players to read that disclaimer modal that shows up when the page first loads, but fair’s fair — once you’ve read it once, we won’t show it again 😎
  • If you do need to see it again for any reason, you can make it appear by clicking the ‘Disclaimer’ button in the bottom-right corner of the game animation area
  • Check it out! Multipliers from the last few game rounds now appear across the top of the main game area 😺
  • Added a withdrawal fee that equals the cost of gas to send the BSC transaction. It’s a fixed amount for now, and in a future increment we’ll make this a bit smarter 🐵
  • Tightened up max total profit logic and covered off on all the edge cases (including a few that probably will never actually happen, but, you know… computers 😁)
  • Made it easier to check max profit and max total profit in the UI
  • Bankroll, max profit, and max total profit are included in the audit records for each game round. When players get force-exited due to max profit / max total profit, we want to ensure they have all the information they need to verify it was correct
  • We’ve added a ‘max bet’ feature that will prevent players from placing a bet if it would cause them to get force-exited at a multiplier less than 1.1x due to max profit or max total profit. As much as we’d love for you to place that 1000 BNB bet, we can’t in good conscience accept it if you’d be risking such a huge amount for a (relatively 😇) pitifully tiny payout!
  • Added a spiffy link to create your own referral link and invite your friends to register for the game — and more importantly, earn rewards! Head over to https://dapp.busta.gg/ to find out more
  • Fixed a bunch of UI issues on mobile. Sometimes I worry that mobile is the new IE6, but not to worry; we’ve got your back!
  • Last but not least, we added a few minor security improvements. They’re kind of important but not much fun to read about, so we’ll just leave it there

Sprint #12

Sooooooo… you might have noticed that the affiliates feature that was so heavily emphasized last sprint didn’t actually get delivered 😅 We apologize for that; we got a few wires crossed in some of our internal processes and ended up not starting on it until the sprint was mostly over 🤦 However, it’s now been completed and we’re just waiting for final QA before it goes live; stay tuned!

This sprint we’ve got 2 main areas of focus: Trollbox prototype and initial support for playing with BEP-20 partner tokens. Both of these are going to be pretty huge features, so just like we did in our very first sprint, our goal is to deliver a small-but-functional increment. We’re starting a new journey, and we’re excited for you to join us!


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