August 18th, 2021 — WE’RE FINALLY LIVE!!!!!!



That’s right everyone! The playable Beta version of BUSTA CRASH with REAL BNB is now live!

Our devs have been burning the midnight oil, (just like our BUSTA DEX burns partner tokens) to deploy a playable version of the game in advance of BUSTA’s highly anticipated IDO on 24th August, 2021

With that milestone achieved we encourage everyone to head over to start playing the game (responsibly) here;


Remember to exit the banana rocket before it randomly explodes 💥

The BUSTA affiliate program links are now live, so this is the perfect time to start introducing people to BUSTA and your unique affiliate link. The more people you introduce, the more your perpetual passive income will grow! (Please note that the devs are still working on implementing the affiliate reward flow from the game so although you can grow your links now, the rewards won’t start until that feature is live — which should be complete by the end of August.)

You can find out more about the BUSTA affiliate program here;

And begin using the affiliate program here;



AMA Action

The BUSTA team has been hard at work spreading the word about this amazing project

To date 13x Telegram AMAs have been completed, Gem Collectors being the most recent

There will be two further AMAs prior to IDO, both of which will be with our IDO partners Starter & Samurai

Samurai AMA: 7pm Thursday 19th August, 2021 (UTC)

Starter AMA: 9pm Friday 20th August, 2021 (UTC)

Hope to see everyone there!


DEV NOTES — these are about a week old now and from before going live to mainnet but we thought we’d include them for the history books ;)

Sprint #9

We made good progress last sprint towards getting to mainnet, and that’s still our focus for Sprint 9. Performance testing turned up a few opportunities to optimize how the game operates at load, and we have a few more security + stability improvements that we’d like to make, as well as to provide players with more visibility around how max profit and max total profit are applied

  • We’re in beta! Check out our snazzy new logo 😁
  • We uncovered and fixed a sneaky bug that would have allowed a player to win more BNB than they should have during a round 🙀
  • Tightened up the timing logic across the whole platform. Multipliers are now in sync across different clients and with the server (but please note that latency between your device and the server may still impact the timing of your bets and exits; you can always specify a target multiplier when you place a bet if you want to avoid this)
  • Fixed issues where the game occasionally “times out” and the browser needs to be refreshed before you can interact with the play/eject button again
  • Toast notifications! 🍞 Soooo pretty 🤩
  • Max bet and max profit amounts are now shown in the UI
  • Made the withdrawal process a bit simpler and safer; players can now only withdraw to the address that they used to connect their wallet to the game
  • The backend has gotten a security tune-up, protecting our players against common web exploits such as cross-site scripting, clickjacking, and more
  • Improved the responsive UI design at smaller viewports
  • Fixed server crashes when too many players are connected. Now if the server gets overloaded with too much action, new players see a message explaining what’s going on and asking them to wait a bit before they can start playing — we admit that’s not much fun, but it’s better than crashing the server anyway 😁

Sprint #10

We’ve made it! All of the pieces are in place to switch to mainnet 🎉 While our ops team works on the final steps to make the switch, we’re taking a step back to tackle some of the little bits and bobs that we’ve been meaning to get to along the way: addressing a few edge cases for max profit and max total profit (surprisingly this is the most complex part of the entire game!), tracking house edge gains for BUST token holders, displaying multipliers from previous game rounds, and a handful of other player QoL improvements


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