20th September, 2021


BUSTA is excited to officially announce the addition of BUSTA COMICS to the BUSTA VERSE ecosystem!

As most fans of the project know, there are already a number of characters which are starting to become very familiar, such as Coin King, Space Strider, Howard the Coin Appraiser and Banaliens to name a few…

It has always been the BUSTA team’s intention to develop character driven lore / cannon of the BUSTA VERSE and beyond. This is designed to enrich the wider ecosystem including our games, DEX, NFTs, future merchandise and most importantly our community fandom!

BUSTA COMICS will deliver frequent digital comic strips to a new dedicated art section on the busta.gg website, along with a number of BUSTA VERSE State of Address Medium blogs. In addition to the comics, BUSTA NFT designs will be displayed here and where appropriate hyperlinked back to MFRM.io NFT marketplace

Senior BUSTA team member “Crusher” has been appointed BUSTA COMICS Creative Lead, and is working closely with BUSTA’s in house design team, along with commissioned artist Roro Kurotani

Here is a link to Roro’s art;


It was Kurotani’s talent & wide-ranging style which drew the attention of BUSTA COMICS, in addition to the fact he is already marketing his art in the NFT space. Here is a sneak peak of his initial BUSTA COMICS character design interpretations;


BUSTA COMICS artist Roro Kurotani showcases design of the Coin King character
BUSTA COMICS artist Roro Kurotani showcases design of the Cavendish character
BUSTA COMICS artist Roro Kurotani showcases design of the Robot Bartender character


As mentioned above, community fandom and involvement is incredibly important to the BUSTA team, so we want to celebrate the launch of BUSTA COMICS with something fun for you to participate in!

Although the core foundations of the BUSTA story and characters have been developed (this will be revealed through the comic strips), there is plenty of room for more in this massive BUSTA universe…

This is where you come in :)

We want you to put your creative juices to the test and come up with a new character design and brief backstory. It could be a member of an entirely new species, or it could be a certain Banalien character residing on Peelion 4. The choices are endless!

What’s in it for me you say?

Well, the coolest new character & backstory selected by the BUSTA COMICS team will star in an upcoming BUSTA comic strip. Your design will be reimagined by Roro Kurotani, and forever etched into BUSTA lore! We will also throw the lucky winner $100 USD of $BUST token to stake at dapp.busta.gg

What happens if you don’t win? Not to worry! We will also pick two runner-up entries and their designs will be included as background “extras”. Hey… it’s a gig on the comic after all haha! Oh, and each will receive $50 USD of $BUST token too :)

But wait, there’s some more kewl news… We also have something for everyone who makes the effort to enter…

Every unique person entering will receive a limited edition BUSTA COMICS NFT minted on MFRM.io ! We will sample the NFT design as the contest progresses

How to enter?

Simple! Go to the entry form with all the details and complete the listed tasks on the form below;


Entries close 9pm Sunday 3rd October (UTC)

The BUSTA COMICS team will judge the entries and announce the winners within 48hours of the competition closing

Good luck to all !


Please note: Winning content selected for this competition which is published by BUSTA COMICS becomes the intellectual property of BUSTA


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