25th December 2021


“I’m dreaming of a BUST Christmas
Just like the games I used to know
Where the CRASH gains glisten
And players listen
To hear degens in the dough, oh, the dough

I said, I’m dreaming of a BUST Christmas
With every rocket launch to flight
May your plays be merry and bright
And may all your Christmas’ be white …”

Now we are all in the Christmas degen spirit, let’s see what’s new for BUSTA!



It’s finally HERE !!!!!

You can now play BUSTA CRASH with BUST tokens, thanks to the deployment of BEP-20 partner token support (first iteration)

Although there has been extensive testing for this deployment, there of course could be unforeseen issues pop up over the coming days / weeks

The team wanted to deliver this milestone before Christmas, and we are super happy it is now a reality

Enjoy frens 🎅🏼🎮🍻



Competition has now concluded

A big shout out to everyone who participated, and a big thank you to our BUSTA team who worked tirelessly to deliver this awesome promotion

Here is the prize pool schedule which has been won over December;

Day 1: $100 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 2: $120 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 3: $140 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 4: $160 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 5: $180 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 6: $200 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 7: $220 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 8: $240 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 9: $260 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 10: $280 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 11: $300 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 12: $320 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 13: $340 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 14: $360 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 15: $380 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 16: $400 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 17: $420 USD of BUST (Completed)
Day 18: $500 USD of BUST (Completed)

Total BUST prizes won: $4,920.00 USD of BUST !!! 🤑🤑🤑

Here’s the complete BUSTA Christmas NFTs won during the competition;

Saint Nana NFT (Days 1–4)
Banelfie NFT (Days 5–8)
Grinch NFT (Days 9–12)
Merry Christmas (Days 13–14)
Christmas Party (Days 15–16)
Golden Saint Nana (Days 17–18)

All NFTs have been added as permanent fixture of the section of the BUSTA website. The prize NFTs will also be viewable at

Congratulations again to all winners!



Well this year has certainly been a journey…

There has been a lot of things that went both right and not so right. And I guess that’s conducive the industry we build in. Its fast moving, challenging and tests the best of us on any given day

Deployment of a BUSTA DEX self service partner listing portal and BEP-20 token support for BUSTA CRASH prior to Christmas offered the team a sense of positive closure for 2021

With that, what does next year look like for BUSTA?

The team looking forward to 2022 as its shaping up to be the year of blockchain gaming and metaverses

BUSTA is well positioned to take advantage of this with assets built this year;

  • Fully operational DEX with partner token self listing portal and customizable transaction fees
  • Flagship crash game playable with BEP-20 partner tokens
  • Affiliate Rewards program which is ready to help drive adoption to the ecosystem
  • New DICE game which is scheduled to launch Q1, 2022
  • Partnership scope with projects building in the metaverse
  • BUSTA COMICS will continue to evolve along with the NFT market

As we know, a year in crypto is a very long time so expect the list above to grow significantly!

There are of course people BUSTA would like to thank for this year;

  • Community
  • Moderators
  • Developers
  • In house art department
  • Marketing
  • Stakeholders
  • Partners
  • Binance Smart Chain frens

And if I have missed anyone, apologies… Thank you to you too

That’s about it from me, wishing you all very a relaxing Christmas and New Years holiday. Drink plenty of Dirty Bananas (like we know Coin King will) and see you early 2022! 🎅🏼🎮🍻

~ The BUSTA team


BUSTA DEX data for all listed pairs on BUSTA DEX

Bogged Finance chart for $BUST on

Nomics exchange data for $BUST on


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