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18th September, 2021


From the dawn of time, APEs have always had the need to “APE” into games

On Primate 1, it all started with the discovery of monoliths - rumored to be left on multiple planets by Banaliens marking their various planet visits, rocks, gravity, greed & primitive social skills

Example of early APE gaming culture on Primate 1;

Primate 1 early gaming culture

Whilst APEs have no lack of enthusiasm jumping into a game, throwing a rock and being fascinated by the way it lands, they lack the smarts in regards to designing GameFi probability mechanics, demonstrated by BUSTA’s first game BUSTA CRASH

To help overcome this challenge, APE engineers on Primate 1 have once again teamed up with Banalien scientists on Peelion 4 to assist building BUSTA’s next game

So here’s a question…

What has 6 sides and the opposite sides always add up to 7?

Could it be this?

Example of more modern marked rock

Yes… today we are officially announcing our second game;


All crypto degens have loved dice ever since the days of Satoshi Dice and it would be blasphemy to not have a dice game on BUSTA GameFi platform

We may all be Apes but we don’t blaspheme like that, so BUSTA DICE is officially now in development!

Target release is end of October, this of course is up to our team of Banalien scientists & APE engineers being satisfied with the product and telling us it’s ready to go live! In very near future there will be several sneak peeks we will share with everyone (as we have with BUSTA CRASH)

In the meantime you can of course continue to enjoy the ongoing improvements being added to BUSTA CRASH, such as the new chat box which is rumored to go live very early next week!

Play here;


Speaking of BUSTA CRASH here are the latest dev notes…



Dev notes for Sprint 13

Sprint #12

Sooooooo… you might have noticed that the affiliates feature that was so heavily emphasized last sprint didn’t actually get delivered 😅 We apologize for that; we got a few wires crossed in some of our internal processes and ended up not starting on it until the sprint was mostly over 🤦 However, it’s now been completed and we’re just waiting for final QA before it goes live; stay tuned!

This sprint we’ve got 2 main areas of focus: Troll box prototype and initial support for playing with BEP-20 tokens. Both of these are going to be pretty huge features, so just like we did in our very first sprint, our goal is to deliver a small-but-functional increment. We’re starting a new journey, and we’re excited for you to join us!

  • As promised, the affiliates feature is now live 🎉 Get over to https://dapp.busta.gg/referral and start earning rewards today!
  • Auto-play! Want to make sure you stay on top of the action but hate clicking buttons? Give auto-play a try! Set up your game client to bet automatically every game round, for a fixed number of games… or forever if you want! Note that auto-play is client-side only, so you must keep the game window open in order to keep playing
  • Time to get social 📣 We’ve added the troll box on the left side of the screen! Now with emojis 🥳🐛🍇🛼🗿🕯
  • To prevent spam, accounts must deposit at least 0.0001 BNB in order to post to the troll box
  • You’ll start seeing the first few signs that BEP-20 support is coming! For this iteration most of the changes are on the backend, but you should see some spiffy icons showing up around the UI and a few new controls with promises of what’s to come 😺
  • That pesky disclaimer button in the bottom right has been given a stern talking-to and now promises to stay put.

Sprint # 13

While we continue to build out BEP-20 support, there’s a few more features and improvements that we’ve got our sights set on: measuring and improving the performance of round exits, adding support for additional wallets via Wallet Connect, and letting players personalize their experience with nicknames


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