BSC projects can list on BUSTA DEX and Auto-Burn their token with our custom swap fees

18 August, 2021


Your CFO, Business Development Director, and Technical Lead will pop the Champagne on realizing the financial gains at near-zero infrastructure requirement by listing on the BUSTA DEX.

  • Burn tokens to reduce supply while increasing or locking liquidity
  • Increase treasury via tx tax from swap fees
  • Customize your token’s swap fee (add a tx tax, adjust the % splits) and modify at any point in time


The Problem

  1. Most DEX’s burn THEIR token with swap fee revenue from trading volume of YOUR token — cutting you out of a potentially substantial revenue stream
  2. You can’t add a tx tax to an existing token without re-minting and you can’t adjust it in the future once you have minted
  3. Coins that do have tx tax added are not easy to list on CEX’s — most won’t touch it at all

This reduces both your market share potential and treasury potential


The BUSTA DEX Solution

BUSTA DEX burns YOUR token and more with our world first, fully customizable smart contracts.

You choose the swap fee % for all trades of your token on BUSTA DEX, anywhere from as low as 0.03%, up to 5%, 20%, whatever you want.

Then choose the distribution split % for:

  • Token Burn — We burn your token 🔥
  • LP Return — Giving back to your LP providers
  • LP Lockup — Adding trading liquidity for your token
  • Your Treasury — This cut goes straight to your designated wallet

You can have any combination of the above, up to your chosen swap fee %, including a minimum of 0.03% for the BUSTA DAO

This gives you a tx tax on all trades of your token on BUSTA DEX, without you needing to hard code these into your token contract, and it’s fully adjustable in the future too so you can adjust to market and community sentiment

This means you’ll still be able to list on CEX’s easily for broader market exposure


Benefit Your Token Holders Too

Built in tx taxes can be a pain to deal with, holders and stakers have to pay more than just additional trading fees

With the BUSTA DEX smart contract, your community benefits from:

  • No tx tax on wallet to wallet transfers
  • No tx tax on creating/breaking LP (when staking and un-staking)
  • Transaction fees contribute directly to project community
  • Adjustable tx tax and fee distribution at any time

Best yet… they will feel the warm-and-fuzzies knowing that buying your token from BUSTA DEX will add value to your project either from burn, liquidity lockup, direct treasury payments, or simply lower fees — therefore helping to reduce your token supply, provide more trading liquidity, and increase your marketing and development budget


Easy To Implement & Customize

Fully adjustable any time, so you can modify the swap fee % and fee distribution split according to your own community needs and market conditions

It doesn’t matter if you’re an existing project and already listed, or a new project looking to list — if your trading volume isn’t on BUSTA DEX, then you’re giving someone else revenue that could be yours

How to get listed:

  • Choose your % tx tax and fee distribution split
  • Fill out our application form
  • Once approved, you’ll be able to add liquidity on our DEX
  • Tell your traders where to trade your token and enjoy the Automated Perpetual Utility that is BUSTA DEX!

See our previous blog for more detail and or contact us to talk more about listing :)


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