July 23rd, 2021 — with bonus AMA winners

“Didn’t they tell you, Colonel? That’s what the Mobile Infantry is good for”

~Johnny Rico

The Alpha Squad testers have been hard at work playing the alpha version of BUSTA CRASH for nearly a week now, diligently reporting quality feedback to Command HQ

As our developers are in the best position to receive and analyze alpha tester feedback, it only makes sense that they were tasked with choosing the NFT winners!

These 5x winners will hereby be promoted to rank of “Elite Trooper Testers”, and each awarded 1x limited edition BUSTA Alpha Series NFT. Only a total of 5x NFTs are minted in this series, and represent various career options open to Banaliens on their home world of Peelion 4…

So, without further ado here are the NFT winners of the Alpha Squad Competition (Twitter handles, in no particular order…);






Congratulations Alpha Squad Competition NFT winners! Each of the NFTs will be distributed randomly to the lucky winners above

You can expect to receive your minted NFT sent to the BSC wallet address you supplied early next week

And don’t forget all of our 20x Alpha Squad Competition testers will be receiving $200 USD of BUST each (to be airdropped post IDO)!


AMA Winners

So earlier this month BUSTA were involved with a number of AMAs (ask me anything) via Telegram. These AMAs were hosted by BSC Times, BOSS Crypto & Multichain Apes

In addition to prizes for the best questions, we also offered an additional prize in two of the AMAs for joining / following BUSTA’s Telegram & Twitter

The prize was for $150.00 USD of BUST each (to be airdropped post IDO)

BOSS Crypto / BUSTA AMA winner (Twitter handle):


Multichain Apes / BUSTA AMA winner (Twitter handle):


Congratulations to both winners above, and the other best question winners from all AMAs!


Quick preview of BUSTA updates to look forward to;

  • Beta game launch imminent..
  • Marketing campaign ramping up
  • Affiliate program very soon™
  • Dev update next week

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