June 24th, 2021


That’s right Troopers! We want you to enlist for service and start building a community with us, and what better way to build an army than to launch a competition!

But before we get into the details, just a quick recap on BUSTA for all newcomers to the project..

BUSTA is a fully immersive gaming and DeFi platform built on Binance Smart Chain

We are currently hard at work building the perfect ecosystem that will best benefit our players, investors, stakers, traders, affiliates and partners alike

With exceptional room for growth, the BUSTA ecosystem has the ability to add new tokens, new games and new pools. iGamers rejoice, the all-in-one iGaming platform is going live with provable fairness, a growing ecosystem and many ways to earn

The current game under development is “BUSTA CRASH”, a crash style jackpot cash game where users are able to bet and win BNB

Further info on the project can be found via the social links at the end of this article, and we are close to releasing the BUSTA Gitbook for all things BUST!


Where were we Troopers? Ahh yes, bug extermination!

This Alpha Testing competition is the first of many that we’ll run both before and after the IDO and we’ve managed to get sign-off from the treasury department for a huge prize pool..

Despite significant resources at BUSTA command’s disposal, we feel its critical to enlist a select number of Elite Troopers to play the Alpha version of the game and report back with bug encounters. After all, it will be your game to play, so your input is extremely important for the development team!

So how can you do your part and help us polish the game for release?


  • 20x ALPHA SQUAD tester spots up for grabs
  • Each of the 20x lucky winners will receive $200 USD worth of BUST tokens at the IDO price, immediately after completion of the IDO
  • All winners will be randomly selected and invited to join a top secret Telegram Alpha Testing room at BUSTA central command where they will be briefed on the testing procedure
  • Five Elite Troopers who contribute the best quality game testing feedback will each be awarded a Limited Edition BUSTA NFT from our genesis Banaliens Alpha series. These 5x unique NFTs will be minted by our allies over at on BSC! Consider this to be a badge of honor, knowing you did your part!

Genesis BUSTA NFT Alpha series sneak peek..

To enter the competition, complete all required tasks and fields on the Google form here:

This competition will run from Friday 25th June until the end of Wednesday 7th of July (UTC). We will announce the winners in the next Medium update article the following Friday 9th July.

Still want to know more? Come and join the rest of the troops in the barracks in our Telegram channel, link below. We look forward to seeing you in there!

Good luck to all, and remember..



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The next generation iGaming + DeFi platform on BSC with a multi-token crash game and built-in DEX