A concise news update for those with busy schedules ;)

11th Sept 2021

First CEX listing

We’ve secured our first CEX listing over at BitMart, scheduled to go live on the 23rd. Stay tuned for more info and the marketing push from both sides leading up to listing day.

Revenue Distribution

We’ve started pushing the revenue from the game and dex through the distribution contracts. We’re doing this manually at first but it will soon be automated and happening multiple times per day.

In case anyone’s interested in what the contracts look like:

DEX Distribution contract : https://bscscan.com/address/0xb00587f7187297eBC212aA39B79c2726a93C8F6E

Game House Edge Distribution Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x4a7af151E8262444101f52184F8992135b44726e

We’re now burning BUST and accumulating BNB for additional staking rewards — we’ll provide more stats about the ratios and burn etc. in Monday’s BUSTA-verse address.

BUSTA DEX Charting

To anyone that isn’t in the know yet, Bogged.Finance was kind enough to include our dex in their charts:


So now you can look at more accurate data of where the majority of our liquidity is instead of the tiny amount on PCS.

Auto-Play Enabled

You can now play BUSTA CRASH without pushing the play button for every round! Just set your eject multiplier, number of games, and bet amount and then sit back and watch the rocket go up :)


Affiliate Payouts

Our affiliate rewards system is in its final testing phase and will hopefully be ready to deploy next week, meaning anyone who joins via your affiliate link will generate income for you (and a little extra for themselves) as they play the game, trade and farm on the dex.

Grab and share your affiliate link from here if you haven’t already:


We’ll have a bunch more info on Monday, just wanted to get this out for those waiting for an update :)

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck riding the banana rocket!


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